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When it comes to accessories Triumph in the world of motorcycles, we are talking about a wide variety of parts that can change the appearance of our motorcycle completely. If you are reading this article, you probably do not know what a belly pan is or you are looking to know a little more to decide whether to add it to your motorcycle.

The earliest prototypes of motorcycles did not include a fairing or anything like it. The main priority was the engine and an attempt was made to make the bike weigh as little as possible in order to boost speed, eliminating any type of accessory. When the initial problems were solved, an attempt was made to fight against air resistance, since it is a factor that reduces speed and effectiveness. The fairing was the solution that emerged to improve the aerodynamics of the bikes and allow the engines to be squeezed to the maximum. Among the components of the fairing, we find our today’s protagonist: the belly pan.



What is a bike belly pan?

The belly pan is located in the lower front part, just behind the front wheel of the motorcycle and is part of the fairing, whose function is to provide a better aerodynamic design to motorcycles. In addition to achieving a different design than the standard, the motorcycle belly pan provides protection to the exhaust manifolds that are exposed and adds stability, thanks to its aerodynamic effect.




At Tamarit Motorcycles we have motorcycle belly pans made with high-quality materials: fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel. You can buy your motorcycle belly pan unpainted or painted in the original Triumph standard color of your motorcycle. It should be noted that depending on the generation of your motorcycle, you will have to purchase the belly pan model that suits your bike.

For the motorcycles of the old generation, prior to 2016, you have at your disposal the “The son” belly pan with a minimalist design that is suitable for air cooling, characteristic of these motorcycle models. The “Tamarit” belly pan is suitable for new generation bikes, post-2016, with a more contemporary design for liquid cooling.


Belly pan


How to install a belly pan

Now that you know what a belly pan is, it is time to install it. The difficulty of the installation is minimal and it will not take you more than a couple of minutes since, like the other Tamarit pieces, it uses the same anchor points as the factory settings. Depending on the belly pan, you’ll need one type of wrench or another, but nothing you don’t already have in your toolkit.


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