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All the Tamarit Triumph parts are easy to install, in order to guide you about the level of difficulty, there’s a wrench tool code that shows you the level of complexity of installation depending on how many wrenches would have the part that you desire. One wrench tool means that the part is very easy to install, only a few key turns and few attached bolts would be required. Two wrench would mean that the level goes up and involves other tasks apart from adjusting screws and ferrules would be required, basic electric knowledge and some other tools handling would be needed as well. Three keys basically means that unless you are an expert on motorcycles and its componentes you should go to a mechanic. 

When you start researching about Triumph motorcycles maybe the first keywords you type on the search engine is “Triumph Café Racer”, you jump into the images section and start looking for pictures of builds in order to inspire yourself for your own motorcycle, if you have a Bonneville, your search would be something like “Triumph Bonneville Café Racer”, the thing is that when you start around this collective, the first steps are something like changing the front fender, the grips…etc and you end up being an expert of the sector if your pace of life allows such a hobbie like this one. 

The part to present today, brought some controversy to the Tamarit workshop, because one of the basic purposes of Tamarit Motorcycles is to make easy-to-install parts and accessories in order to be set by everyone who has a compatible motorcycle. The Triumph kit known as “Tramontana” (spanish for a northern wind that blows on the mediterranean coast) includes some parts that to begin, in order to install them, the frame needs to be cut down. Therefore, this requirement generated a few discussions inside our office. So what pushed to release this kit despite its installation difficulty? First of all, the massive amount of questions that we received after this part was published for the first time on our Barracuda Project. 




Tramontana Triumph Kit

The Tramontana Triumph Kit is a part that to install it, needs to have the frame cut down. It includes a “U” shape to join the frame tubes, a handmade leather seat made to measure (black or brown upholstery), a tail light (black or silve case) and a rear fender made in fiberglass that you can adjust the length desired. 

In order to install this part, as said, you do need extra knowledge or a mechanic assist. We have in our workshop qualified professionals that can help you. 






As always, we hope that you count on us for building your motorcycle or any of your future projects. We can’t wait to help you from the other side of the screen!