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The presentation of a Triumph motorcycle at Tamarit Motorcycles is that small but beautiful tip of iceberg that puts and end to a slow process of creation. An event destined to its exhibition before the entire classic biker community, in our Showroom, the place where it was conceived. A bike mostly made based on the personal requests of the motorcycle owner, customers who ultimately end up being friends of us for the number of hours together and calls exchanged.




Modern Classic Triumph motorcycle presentation

All of the Triumph motorcycles presented in the Tamarit Motorcycles showroom belong to the Modern Classics Triumph family: motorcycles such as Triumph Bonneville and Triumph Thruxton are the usual ones to be presented as a special event. We love to show new and different motorcycles, and above all that the client feels their investment rewarded and recognized. Each Tamarit motorcycle is unique in the world and totally unrepeatable,  including a series of totally customized original designs and colors that combine perfectly with our range of parts designed for the motorcycle in question.

Triumph motorcycle presentation and sale

On several occasions a Triumph motorcycle presentation has been carried out with no owner assigned, since these projects without owners are usually initiated by pure artistic inertia of Tamarit, always wanting to put into practice new ideas and makeover methods. Transgressive projects that left no one indifferent like Ronin, Mr. Kevin or Superstar are examples of this type of projects for which there is no limit on what we do.




These bikes have been acquired over time by lucky users who, in love with the Tamarit style, havedirectly acquired the finished project and are ready to ride.


Presentation of Triumph motorcycle in Alicante

The Triumph motorcycle presentations are held in our Showroom located in the city of Elche, in the province of Alicante. They are live presentations, packed to the rafters if it is a good date to share a beer with us.




The most special moment comes when the owner lifts the canvas covering the motorcycle. The thing we love the most to see is no doubts the expression of the client when he sees for the first time his motorcycle unique in the world – especially those who deliberately ignore many of the details of the project, and then take a big surprise on the day of the presentation.


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