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We are lucky and damned at the same time for the activity we have at our workshop, huge and constantly propelled by the online shop orders and obviously, the full makeover projects. This blog entry is honoured to introduce one of the lastest projects we were tasked with, our 34th creation: MATRICER. The Matricer project was based on a Bonneville T120, which his owner was adding such amount of parts to the cart that in the end he opted for leaving the motorcycle on the workshop and arranging a new full project for his motorcycle.




Some elements that stand out on this project are parts like the secondary headlight on the side of the motorcycle, and also the comeback of our new product that will be on sale very soon through our shop online: The leather bag and the metal bracket. This bag, that will have a dedicated entry, came from the idea of making the modern classic motorcycle a more functional way of transport. Matricer provides some fresh features to our “Plug and Play” parts range, the new Dakar front mask, which goes installed above the headlight, covering the speedometers and other elements that are set on that area. This mask, inspired by the trail styled motorcycles, provides a new look to the Tamarit bikes, look that very soon all our clients will be able to add to their motorcycles , since this part will be on sale very soon as well as the leather bag. Matricer also is highlighted by that aggresive style that other elements gave to her such as the AVON tyres. What a surprise we gave to the owner of Matricer, Paco, when he went to meet a client during a normal working day and he found Matricer inside the office iristrace!