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The motorcycle exhaust system is one of the most personal and identifying parts of each motorcycle in question, being therefore a crucial part when choosing a motorcycle or another. Part of its performance, its comfort and the total sound that your beloved and future companion utters as soon as you use the throttle. Just as Tamarit Motorcycles has its line of exhausts so that you can modify your modern classic Triumph, it also offers the customer a series of imported motorcycle exhausts from the best international brands specialized in this type of crafts.

In this blog post we will tell you, among others, the brands whose articles you can find on the Tamarit Motorcycles website. You can also find on our website a curated section of all our Triumph motorcycles parts and accessories.


1. Best motorcycle exhaust brands: MASS

MASS was recently founded by the renowned engineer Antonio Saita, who based on his experience decided to embark on this adventure proposing a clear objective of value for money. Its articles clearly within the artisan approach propose the best of the qualities, always maintaining that essence that we love about all handmade products. Regardless of whether you want more classic and sporty motorcycle exhausts, the MASS catalog will satisfy all your needs based on welded steel and carbon.



Check the Mass Exhaust

Tamarit Motorcycles’ work earns many integers with products from this phenomenal supplier, and it’s no wonder that top-tier projects carry MASS products. We are talking about possibly the best bike that Tamarit has created exclusively to date, the RUBY project, which includes the beautiful HOT ROD, one on each side and cut finish.


2. Best motorcycle exhaust brands: ZARD

ZARD proposes the next level when it comes to motorcycle exhaust construction. A perfect combination of design and perfect finish is what this motorcycle escape house is offering, also based in the Italian country. Its catalog covers any motorcycle discipline, from sharp sports bikes to the hardest and dirtiest cross and enduro bikes.



See our Zard Exhausts

Despite the fact that their prices are slightly above average, the quality is fully justified by obtaining a high-end motorcycle exhaust without compromise and up to date with all approvals. That is why we got them at our store of Triumph accessories. Specifically, at Tamarit Motorcycles we have a special weakness for the range of scrambler type exhausts to be located in the high area of the motorcycle, specially the Tiger exhausts included in our first project based on a Street Scrambler: the beautiful Himalaya.


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