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Autobello is an event that has been celebrated during 10 years but which still has many more to go, it has established itself as one of the most important events in its sector. This year it has 4 editions in which lovers of luxury cars and limited editions have gathered. Specifically, in the Marbella 2020 edition, Tamarit has participated with the presentation of its most ambitious projects and which, couldn’t it be otherwise, is a limited edition. Those who attend the event expect to enjoy a day full of design, trends and limited series.

What is Autobello?

Although one of the main reasons why the jet set of luxury automobiles gathers around the event is the contest that takes place in it, this event is much more than a classic contest for car collectors. Around the event there are also exhibitions, concerts, dinner and parties until midnight. It has become a unique event within its sector in which it takes care of every detail but without losing a bit of spontaneity. At Autobello, companies present their latest releases and attendees show off their unique lifestyle. Those who attend, also seek to show their best possessions and submit to the white glove jury that judges and analyzes all that is exposed there. At the end of the evening, the different prizes are awarded, but only two will be the lucky ones to receive the Autobello-SMQ Gold Cup, for the watch and car categories.




From this event, what the organization calls Lobby Autobello, has been formed, a group of people belonging to the same social group who interact during the year through the different events of the organization, or even through the website and the SMQ-Señor Marqués itself.

With only ten years running, the appointment has become a unique event in its sector and one that is predicted to be very successful ahead. Part of its success is the characteristics of it and the audience that attends the event, which is truly special. Great personalities of the business world, professionals of the sector and great fans of collecting are the major part of the appointment. In other words, people with a high economic level wanting to enjoy.

Tamarit at Autobello: Marbella 2020

The people who can attend Autobello, they already do so convinced of where they are going, it is not necessary to persuade anyone to repeat the experience, 90% repeat every year. It is true that access to this appointment can be a fortune for some people but those who can pay, appreciate it and leave the event very satisfied. It has become a pure networking that does not stop growing year after year.

The first appointment of the year 2020 took place in Marbella on August 13 and has the best offer due to its geographical location, the Costa del Sol is the favourite area for the jet set to enjoy in summer, in addition to all possibilities offered by the city. At first, only small owners who wanted to show their properties participated, but then premium brands arrived to launch their new projects such as supercars, exclusive motorcycles and watches; giving a certain cache to the appointment.

Once again, the event has become a meeting point for motor racing enthusiasts from Andalucía and the rest of Spain. The organization has proved again its professionalism by adopting strict measures for the Covid-19 to guarantee the safety of all attendees, so there were no problems to be able to enjoy this exclusive event again.




At Tamarit Motorcycles, we have been announcing the next launch of our most ambitious project for a long time and there was no better place to start its presentation than at the Autobello Marbella 2020. The Tamarit Gullwing is our first limited edition series production that is inspired by the Mercedes 300 SL. This model from the German house Mercedes Benz was one of the first two-seater supercars produced between 1943 and 1969. It is known for its distinctive gull-wing doors, so the first thing that was included in the Tamarit Gullwing was the tail in a single piece that lifts hydraulically and classic wheels that give it a retro style. Soon you will be able to enjoy all the details of this project on the web.




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