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Our engine

This is probably one of the most important stories for Tamarit, because it is the origin of everything. The Tamarit engine is one of the hallmarks of our motorcycles.

Modern Classics

Where these engines come from

The English brand has a wide variety of Triumph engines, of which we work only with the “Bonneville” engines, the range that Triumph calls the Modern Classics. Bonneville engines have an identical engine block that is used in different bases such as the Thruxton, the Scrambler, the Speed Twin, the Street Twin and, of course, the most famous of all: the Bonneville.

Tamarit is the world’s leading expert in these engines, has built on the same engine, 125 unique and different motorcycles.

Carburation, injection and new generation

The passage of time and its characteristics

Within the Bonneville engines there are 3 types, the old generation 900 cc engines with air cooling (carburation), also 900 cc engines with liquid cooling (injection) and finally the current 1200cc engines full of innovations (injection). This is where any Tamarit project begins, at the engine. This is the first decision to be made, according to the needs of the bike to be created.

For romantics

900cc carburetion engines

The 900cc carburetion engines are the most requested by those romantics who want to feel the purr of the engine and listen to its characteristic sound. They are also the most wanted by those who are looking for a collector’s item or even an investment for the future. Motorcycles that you will want to place in your living room, examples of this are motorcycles such as Jade or Circe.

Cold weather and altitude

900cc injection engines

Meanwhile, 900cc injection engines are the ones chosen for those projects that ride on roads with cold weather, characteristic of places with high altitude. By classification, they are in the middle between the carbureted engines and the new generation engines, being quite similar to the first ones with a false carburetor.

Updated ride

New generation 1200cc engines

Finally, the new generation 1200cc engines are perfect for daily use and meet the current Euro4 and Euro5 standards. An engine designed for those who are looking for an updated and perfect ride.

Who you are, what you like to feel, what you are going to use the bike for, or what is the best choice.

Which engine do you identify with?

Choosing the best 

Obviously, there is no one engine better than another. There are sensations and from experience there are two types of people, those who prefer the romanticism of an eternal engine without technology, like a classic car without ABS but with an unbeatable aesthetic or the other people who prefer to be comfortable, with ABS and traction control.

The choice of an engine or another depends on the type of person you are, what you are looking for and what you identify with the most. Writing these texts we are sincere, what the team likes the most are the romantic carburetors, we have engine experts inside the business and they can’t resist to operate open-heartedly.

As good as new

Open hearted

Depending on the project, the engine is opened and restored with a series of modifications that make it as good as new. Our team, when it is a premium project, is in charge of cleaning carbon deposits, adjusting valve seats, adjusting pistons to size, rectifying cylinders, valve seals, timing chains and planning cylinder heads.

This way, we take an engine from 2001 and make it new. We are so sure of our work that we give 2 years warranty to our customers, because Tamarit goes beyond engines.

Structure of the bike

Beyond engines

Not only is the choice of engine important when choosing a good base for a Tamarit project, but also the architecture of the bike. The “chassis” and components are important to determinate which base to choose and for which project.

The structure of the bike is perhaps, after the engine, the most important thing: the height, the components or the use it will be given. Although it may seem complicated, let Tamarit advise you, we take care of everything. We always help you to choose.


The choice

The first decision we took at the beginning of Tamarit was to choose working only with one engine. This decision was the one that set the course towards what Tamarit is today.

To conclude, the central axis on which our business revolves is the engine we work with, that is why we made this video where the engine talks about what it feels… The statement we repeat the most here is that what is important is not what you see, but what you feel.

Tamarit bikes

More than 120 unique creations

Our motorcycles endorse us, with more than 120 exclusive and unique creations in the world.

We are a Spanish motorcycle brand that has managed to awaken not only the passion of others for their work, but has promoted a new lifestyle.

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