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Investing in the Cafe Racer price is investing in a unique piece whose British origin dates back to the 50’s. Few styles on which to transform a motorcycle have such a long history that fuses the ideal ingredients for a perfect bike: distinction from the ordinary, meticulous esthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Cafe Racer Bikes


Why search for “Cafe Racer price”?

With customers around the world searching for “Cafe Racer price“, our conversions have echoed in countless countries. Their price varies according to the heart of the bike: its engine. There are undoubtedly two engines that are indisputably on the podium of Cafe Racer conversions: the Bonneville and the Thruxton. Two emblematic engines that adapt to the needs of this style like no other.


Cafe Racer and Thruxton price: Price of the new Bonneville and Thruxton

The Bonneville engines allow you to get a result quite faithful to those Cafe Racer of the late 50’s but, without doubt, the Thruxton is your ideal choice. The Thruxton engines have kept their structure intact with set back footrests that allow a standard Racer position. Esthetic lines that allow innovation on a 100% Cafe Racer base.

About the Cafe Racer price, if your choice is a Bonneville, you can get a new Bonneville T100 from around 12.212 $ or a new Bonneville T120 from around 14.319 $ as standard prices.

If on the other hand, the winning choice is a Thruxton, you can get a Thruxton 900 from around 12.969 $, a new Thruxton 1200 from around 15.346 $, a new Thruxton R from around 17.616 $ or a new Thruxton RS from around 18.750 $ as standard prices.





Cafe Racer customization price: Price customization Tamarit

Why is it better that Tamarit gets you a second hand bike to customize it to your liking? Because for a little more than the price of a standard motorcycle as any of the previous paragraph, you can grab the handlebars of a second hand motorcycle totally renewed, customized and, therefore, unique and exclusive in the whole world, made to your exact measure and in which your taste and preferences will be reflected even in the smallest detail.