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Second hand Triumph Street Twin


The Street Twin was one of the great surprises that incluided the british motorcycle brand Triumph during the new release of the Modern Classic Bikes from 2016. With a low-cost price and a great capacity regarding performance considering the price, this motorcycle was an inmediate success and a best selling feature, so there are many people actually looking for a Second Hand Street Twin in good shape and affordable for every purpose.





Second hand Street Twin build

Buying a second hand Triumph Street Twin could be a great starting point for a custom project made by Tamarit Motorcycles, since due the recent date of manufacture of the motorcycle, the condition of the motorcycle should be ok if the vehicle has been treated properly and according to the manufacturer specs.



Second hand Street Twin custom project

The projects based on modern classic motorcycles from Tamarit could be brand new bikes as well as second hand motorcycles guaranteed by our clients and suppliers network. A second hand Triumph Street Twin always should be a great omen for a wonderful project that could become in a top project based on Brat Style, or any other personal style that the client wanted to transform his motorcycle, making the most of its versality and wide range of the parts cataloge available for the Triumph Street Twin.




Second hand Triumph Street Twin cost

The cost of a second hand Triumph Street Twin could be around 7000€, depending on the condition of the vehicle and the mileage. Taking into account the age of the motorcycle and the reliable nature of the Triumph machinery for riding miles, is without any doubt a safe bet as long as the bike has been treated properly and ridden the right way.


A more affordable option for those whose income is reduced, could be a previous version of the Street Twin, from the air cooled generation. Something like a Second hand EFI Bonneville from the former modern classic generation. Considering these are older bikes than the shiny liquid cooled, their mileage would be bigger and the costs obiously decreased, so towards am exclusive makeover from Tamarit Motorcycles would be pretty interesting in order to have more room at the budget for aesthetics and improvements.

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