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The second-hand motorcycle market is always active with more than interesting opportunities and occasions for those who do not have enough purchasing power to face an acquiring of a new motorcycle from the factory. Although perhaps saturated due to the irruption of the platforms for the sale of second-hand goods and the Internet access of the majority of the civilian population, we can often find what we are looking for, such as a Triumph Thruxton second hand although it is not assured that it is in the state that we would like, or for the price at which we would be willing.


Buying Second Hand Triumph Motorcycle

To buy a second hand Triumph Motorcycle we must first be clear about the concept of motorcycle we are looking for, which one suits our riding style and above all, what possibilities that motorcycle has in the world of builds and makeovers once it is in our garage. There are several options and models, but at Tamarit Motorcycles we always recommend a robust second-hand Bonneville Triumph or Thruxton 900, as they are motorcycles that withstand the passage of time excellently and are very reliable for their classic air-cooled carburetor engine. For our exclusive customization projects, we always have these bikes as a base or starting point if the client orders us to purchase it, since after a review and makeover of the engine and subsequent transformation, the bike remains new and spectacular.



Triumph motorcycles such as the second-hand Triumph Scrambler are very versatile for the transformation within each of the possible classic styles, since in the same and in the rest of the models you can add the parts that you like, according to which style it is your favorite: a Café Racer seat, scrambler-style top exhausts or Dirt Track-style wheels.


Moto Triumph second hand: price.

The price of the second-hand Triumph usually fluctuates according to the condition, age and mileage of the motorcycle as is usual in this type of appraisal. If the motorcycle is in good condition and with a not very bulky mileage, its used price can be around 5000 to 6,500 euros, since variations to the high or low of this amount usually appear when it comes to motorcycles that are very deteriorated, with many kilometers behind them or much more recent motorcycles and in a state of review like the one that can be seen below.



Moto Cafe Racer Second Hand

On many occasions, the second-hand market usually has motorcycles previously built by the former owner, which will often include parts that will make the classic motorcycle a second-hand Cafe Racer. These bikes are also very ambiguous to rate, since although the added value deposited on the bike is obvious, these makeovers are always made in a very personal way and do not have to match everyone’s tastes, unless someone goes with the clear idea of acquiring a motorcycle with precisely this kind of modifications.