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Tamarit Motorcycles’ proposal is always to completely personalize your Triumph bike with its wide range of Triumph parts, such as the motorcycle side cover. These parts, there is the possibility not only to paint them in any of the official exclusive Triumph colors (Jet Black, Matt Black, Pure White, Cranberry Red, Matt Graphite, Silver Ice), but also to customize them 100% to the client’s taste, being the same in charge of deciding the color, the number, some simple word or symbol to apply on the fiber surface of the parts.


Motorcycle side cover

One of the parts that we have available to customize so it can suit the client is the motorcycle side cover protector, which is placed on both sides of the bike. Although it must be remembered that depending on the configuration of the exhaust you have, both sides will sometimes not be possible. An example of that would a Triumph Scrambler, to which its original exhaust configuration only allows installation on the left side), specifically at the rear of the seat.




Motorcycle side cover protector

This side cover can be of various shapes, such as a round-corner parallelogram (the part called “Moto Veloz”, in honor of the project with which the part was released), or the most popular, the Dalua custom Triumph side cover. This motorcycle side cover, present in many of the exclusive Triumph accessories transformations of Tamarit Motorcycles, is the obvious choice (rather than motorcycle stickers) to uniquely personalize the sides of your Triumph modern classic.


Motorcycle side cover numbers

The numbers or the words are always proposed to the client in different typefaces, and the client is the one who decides which is his favorite. It is important to note that not all designs are valid, since the customization of the motorcycle side cover numbers is carried out not by direct printing, but by hand spray painting and a very fine cut vinyl. This is why designs with transparency or highly detailed ones cannot be made.




The vast majority of proposals revolve around numbers that represent something to the client, or short phrases or slogans. Many times the distinctive Tamarit Motorcycles logo has also been included on the bike side cover at the request of the client, for which we have always been extremely grateful.




Creating a motorcycle side cover

The oval motorcycle side cover is made of high quality fiberglass, no tool is necessary for its installation, since by exerting light pressure on the rubber supports where the original cover was located, we will be able to install and fix the motorcycle side cover.

In the case of the square motorcycle side cover it will be enough to simply adjust a pair of nuts, something within the reach of anyone with a minimum knowledge of basic rudiments.


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