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A side of our jobs that we truly love is to show our finished projects to the community, a way of meeting new people that may approach to take a look and at the same time getting to keep in touch with friends and clients known during a path which is now 4 years old. This showcase parties are held in our showroom located in Elche, a multi purpose space that despite some time ago was our bar and clothing shop, nowadays is only our central office and logistics facility.





Showroom Stories

Nevertheless, on special ocassions, our showroom becomes again in a meeting point of the modern classic motorcycle community during those showcase parties, which convene such an amount of people that the place gets packed for several hours. Regularly, Tamarit offers a little snack to the attendance as sides for the fair amount of beer (among other beveurages ) that usually is been served during this remarked events.





As if it were a ritual, on the Tamarit Showroom the motorcycle to present remains veiled during the event, afterwards, the motorcycle gets finally unveiled on certain moment, when the client shows up and he’s the one to pull the lever in order to reveal to himself and everyone else the hidden project.


A very distinctive feature of this kind of celebrations at the Triumph Showroom, is the amount of modern classic bikes that gather around the TMRT Shop. Taking into account that the area is not parking friendly, normally we have to report the local authorities in order to prepare a temporary parking at the pavement to host all the bikes that come from all parts of the country. Nevertheless, the temporary parking gets overwhelmed as well by the Triumphs and other bikes, and the Tamarit Street becomes an improvised exhibition of modern classic motorcycles with all the roaring sounds that could involve. Our neighbours clearly need an apologise from us.





This reunions have seen episodes quite bizarre and unsual. As an example, during one of the several showcase parties, we’ve been witneses of a guy popping the question to his lady in the middle of a live music concert. Fortunately for him, she said yes.


Nevertheless, not all the surprises happened in our showroom are pleasant. During one of the last parties held at summer 2018, a client got trapped at the ladies restoom because the latch got stuck. We had to call the Fire Department in order to set the girl free and even them struggled for a little bit. Just before they run out of “pacifist” options and the hydraulic tools were heating up, the door finally surrendered. One more chapter to the Tamarit Motorcycles memory book.


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