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Many Tamarit customers ask us for more details about Bonneville accessories, our most popular part, how they are installed, what exactly they are made of… In short, they want to see the parts outside their usual contexts, which are not others than the studio photos and the exterior photos of these parts fitted in each of our exclusive projects.

In order for the clients to see the parts as they are going to receive them at home, we thought in its day that the best thing would be to make a series of explanatory and illustrative videos showing the parts “in real flesh”.


Videos of Triumph Accessories

That is why a new series of videos of Triumph accessories have been uploaded to the official Tamarit Motorcycles channel on the YouTube platform, which will contain information about  vintage Triumph accessories ready to be installed on your motorcycle.

The Café Racer seat for the new generation Triumph Jerez is valid for the liquid-cooled Triumph Bonneville and Triumph Street Twin. We show in this Triumph accessories video a sample in smooth silver with black upholstery.



Dakota side covers were developed during the project of the same name. These caps are specially designed for the Triumph Thruxton R and are available in all original Triumph colors. However, you can also order them without painting in case you want to paint the bike on your own.



One of the parts that are basic in any transformation of a classic motorcycle is undoubtedly the rear fender eliminator, which is available for all Triumph Modern Classics models, both those of the air-cooled generation and those of the generation of recent liquid-cooled models.



The Jarama Seat is our Café Racer seat for older generation models. It is served painted in gloss black or unpainted in case you want to carry out the painting works yourself.



The Tamarit Motorcycles headlight grill is a great addition to your Triumph. Like the eliminator kit, this is a product that has numerous variants to be installed on your Modern Classic Triumph, no matter the model from 2001 to this day.



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