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The finish line means in many sports much more than the end of a course, is the symbolic reflection of the previous work, effort and persistence needed to get to that point. A perfect way to look back and take nothing for impossible if you strive enough for something.

On of those milestones, and climatic moment for the Tamarit Team was the opening of his multi-purpose establishment, which consists of the showroom, the office, the shop and the bar. A business concept fresh, innovating and barely seen around this area. Taking into account the extremely poor condition of the place when the Tamarit Team set foot on it for the first time, the remodelling works were huge, and the opening deadline at some point was on the verge of be unsatisfied. Not only was a matter of finishing the building works, but also set in motion all the elements of the whole project, the café bar, the apparel shop, the warehouse…etc at the same time that the regular activities of Tamarit were still in course, the motorcycle makeover works and the manufacturing of plug and play parts to be sent all over the world.


Fortunately, the project concluded in time and everything was set and ready for “T-Day”, the opening day, a normal February the 12th for almost everyone, but a great day to fondly remember by all the Tamarit Team and their friends and relatives.

Friends and relatives that couldn’t miss such an important event, so a lot of people attended our opening party, several of them were motorbikers and Tamarit clients, who coming to the party by motorcycle, provided a wonderful environment where the exhaust roared all night long for our pleasure.