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One of the trademarks of Tamarit Motorcycles is without a doubt the handmade status that have lots of the parts on sale. Despite having made thousands of parts so far in our workshop, the process of manufacturing the parts are still the same. Popular parts as an upholstered seat or an steel made exhausts, they involve an arduous task made by the hands of the Tamarit team. All the cutting, moldering, seaming and drilling are always made by an human team, always looking for the quality to meet the standard expected by the clients. For Tamarit, client’s trust is a must, so a good set of reliable parts is the best advertisement possible, that kind where you can see and touch all the products to buy.



Other aspects where we’ve been focusing on is to make the Triumph parts design as simple as possible in order to make the parts installment as easy as possible, since that aspect is very attractive to our clients and the base itself of the plug and play style.


We began with a barely 10 parts catalog, and nowadays it reaches more than 150, since the design and development activity on Tamarit Workshop has been frantic, and above all, we wanted to cover as many styles as possible. If the parts are being distributed on more than 40 countries abroad, it’s because the style variety, from the stylish Café Racer or Brad Style, to other styles more casual and aggressive like Dirt Track or Scrambler.Captura-de-pantalla-2017-12-05-a-las-12.51.54-min-1024x498-1