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Almost three years have passed now since the british motorcycle brand Triumph released to the markets worldwide the Triumph Thruxton R, an upgraded version for the edition that replaced the old generation of air-cooled motorcycle.

Second hand Triumph Thruxton R

Buying a second hand Triumph Thruxton R could be a great starting point for a makeover project made by Tamarit Motorcycles, since the a Second Hand Triumph Thruxton R is a very reliable motorcycle that you can trust considering the recent date of release and the great quality of features and assembly.

Triumph Thruxton R

Second hand Triumph Thruxton R makeover

Projects based on modern classic motorcycles made by Tamarit Motorcycles could be made on brand new motorcycles as well as second hand motorcycles which are guaranteed by our network of clients and suppliers. A second hand Triumph Thruxton R means for sure a great project that could turn into a great motorcycle Café Racer style, or any other style that the client may want, taking into account the variety and wideness of the catalogue for Triumph Thruxton R parts.

Second hand Triumph Thruxton R costs

The costs of a Second hand Triumph Thruxton R use to be around 10.000 € depending on the condition and mileage of the motorcycle. Taking into account the date of manufacture, and how well the motorcycles grows on miles, it’s without a doubt a safe bet as long as the motorcycles has been treated properly and done the right mainteniance.



Probably a less expensive option for those who cannot affor a brand new Triumph Thruxton, it’s a second hand Triumph Thruxton from the former generation, which is from a former release and probably would have many more miles on his engine. Therefore, the cost would obviously decrease, which could be a great advantage towards a full exclusive project from Tamarit Motorcycles. Reduced costs for the donor bike means more room for exclusive upgrades and then, a perfect project awaits.

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