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Every motorcycle has a story that we tell individually, and at Tamarit, we write them to showcase the product we have created for our customers.

Starting today, we want to share everything behind a motorcycle, not just the final result.

Behind each motorcycle, there are hundreds of hours of work, from the commercial part with the customer to the after-sales service. This is the story of Christopher, an American living in Scotland. Most of our contacts come through the website and are attended to by our multilingual team, which conducts a small questionnaire to understand what the customer is looking for or needs.

The person who spoke with Christopher was Carmen, and they discussed a specific motorcycle, the Emerald. Almost all our customers have a reference motorcycle in mind for what they want. Our motorcycles are unique and unrepeatable, and our designer likes to improve on each previous model. (It is difficult to say that one motorcycle is better than another, but we will explain why later.)

Customer Experience

Our work is not just about calling and selling a motorcycle; we are dedicated to offering the customer an experience different from what they would find anywhere else. We specialize in Triumph and have built a brand, but what obsesses us the most is that customers live an experience.

Honestly, it took us selling 100 motorcycles to understand this. We talked to Christopher about 5 or 6 times and, for reasons beyond our control, we postponed the project for the future.

When Christmas came, we received an SMS from Christopher wishing us happy holidays. When resuming the project, Carmen stepped aside so Quique could speak with our customer.

Quique and the Design Team

With all our customers, we prepare a proposal. Christopher had the premise that his ideal colors were chrome, black, and gold. So we prepared a proposal for him, which we are sharing here for you to see.

Christopher accepted our motorcycle design and made a few small changes to the proposal we delivered to him. Normally, we move from the pencil sketch to the vector stage, and if we really like the project, we work with photomontages in Photoshop.

First sketches of the Black Dragon motorcycle. We always do a presentation for the customer of approximately 30 minutes to discuss all the points.

First Steps of Tamarit

During the transformation process, there are many points to consider. First, the purchase of the donor motorcycle in the United Kingdom to bring it to Spain.

We buy the motorcycles in their countries of origin to streamline the bureaucracy. Buying a motorcycle 3 or 14 thousand kilometers away is not easy, but we know how to do it after buying hundreds of Triumphs. Our department, which includes María and Matías, ensures that the customer only has to pay and forget about all the paperwork.

The motorcycles arrive at our factory from England by land transport, within a period of 3 to 5 weeks.

When the motorcycle arrives at our facilities, we completely disassemble it. We ask the customer if they want the old parts from their motorcycle. The dismantling protocol involves selecting what we are going to use and what we are going to “eliminate.”

We select all the parts we are going to eliminate; we deliver those in good condition to places where they can be given a second life and recycle those that cannot be reused at recycling points for oils, metals, plastics, etc.

Once the motorcycle is in our workshop, we register it in our own system that we have developed to manage the purchases of our products and all the tasks of our team. Additionally, this system is connected with Christopher so he can see the status of his project in real time, and where María updates the customer approximately every 15 days.

The process involves about 12 people from the internal team and another 15 from the external team to achieve the result you can see on our website. (These steps alone are enough for a separate blog entry).

Improvements on Each Motorcycle

It is in Tamarit’s DNA to improve every motorcycle, which raises the company’s current standard. Many things we did in 2020 are no longer done now, as we constantly evolve with weekly team meetings and all the technology that Matías (one of the founders) provides to optimize processes.

Like every vehicle that hits the market, there are always aspects that can be improved both visually and in terms of performance. In the case of the Black Dragon, we wanted to improve the aesthetics of the electronic cables placed on the motorcycle.

These details of how the cables are routed represent true artisanal work, involving encasing all the cables. Dozens of hours of work.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the motorcycle is important, but the entire user experience during the process is also crucial. We spoke with Christopher every 15 days until his motorcycle was ready, providing updates on the status of the motorcycle. These conversations increasingly resembled a friendship rather than a customer/seller relationship. The relationship with Christopher was wonderful from the start.

When we have the motorcycle ready, we know we have created something incredible because we lift it on our elevator to the platform in our factory, and the entire office stands up to see it. The response was unanimous: what an incredibly beautiful motorcycle.

The result:

Presenting the Motorcycle

When presenting a motorcycle to a customer via videoconference, you always want to surprise them, but it’s not the same as in person. Our motorcycles look wonderful in photos, but in person, they give you goosebumps. Even though we are a tech company that sells motorcycles online, we believe that things outside the screen are more beautiful.

Usually, instead of sending a photo to the customer, we make a video of Quique explaining the motorcycle. In this case, we created a video in our studio where Quique talks about what our classic motorcycles are. Classic carburetor motorcycles are not the most comfortable or the fastest, but they are the most romantic.

We sent this video to the customer so he could see his motorcycle for the first time. Christopher had a video call with Matías and Eduardo to discuss his impressions, although Quique couldn’t be present. Quique felt bad about not being able to show him the motorcycle, so he proposed making a trip to Scotland to deliver it in person.

Lights, Camera, Action

In our studio, we produce most of our videos and photos. At this stage, our creative team, composed of Andrea, Raquel, Raúl, and Pau, gets to work creating more than 160 different sessions and videos. Each motorcycle tells a unique story, and this means that each motorcycle has its own photo session in our studio. We built a 120m² studio in our warehouse to conduct sessions for motorcycles that cannot be driven in Spain due to regulations.

The campaign video for this motorcycle was shot over 3 days by our entire team.

The Delivery Process

Our external transport took the motorcycle to London, where it stayed for a few days. Our intention was to show the motorcycle to Jason Statham, as it was requested for a movie, but it couldn’t happen due to the producer’s decisions. Tamarit continues to seek a figure of this magnitude to showcase its motorcycles to the world.

From London, the motorcycle traveled to a village called Kildrummy, near Christopher’s home. Matías, Quique, and Mateo flew to Glasgow, rented a car, and drove to Christopher’s house to deliver the motorcycle in person.

When he saw the motorcycle, Christopher was impressed and didn’t hesitate for a second to get on it and ride it for 20 minutes on some wonderful roads.

Christopher was incredible during the tour of his house and the stunning landscapes of a country full of green nature. We ate at his house along with his mechanic and shared a special time talking about European cultures and, of course, motorcycles.

Thank You, Christopher

To conclude this story, which has filled us with strength and motivated us as a team to keep making our dream come true, we want to thank Christopher. Without customers like him, who appreciate the details, Tamarit wouldn’t exist. Thank you for helping us improve, for being part of this family, and we look forward to the instructions for the second story.

A photograph with Quique Berna and Christopher next to the motorcycle after it was delivered in Scotland.