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The old with the new.

Just as we talked about the heart of Tamarit, today we’re going to talk about the brain of the Tamarit and how a carbureted bike ends up starting with a mobile device.

We are the largest builder of Triumph engines in the world, and this makes us not only master the engine part of our bikes but one of the most essential parts of a vehicle, the electronics.

The passage of time.

The evolution

The technological evolution in vehicles has been dizzying in recent years, and modern motorcycles now connect to Twitter. In 2000, motorcycles and vehicles sold safety. Now the technological edge in some cases is impressive, for example, when you can talk to a screen and it answers you.

At Tamarit, we invest a lot of time in training ourselves in the latest trends to be able to offer technology in a carbureted motorcycle. This is often referred to as “RestoMod“, something classic with technology.

3 types of brains.

The brain

As we have already mentioned before, we work with three types of engines: carburetion, injection and new generation until 2023.

In the first cases, carburetion motorcycles (2000 to 2004) that are almost 20 years old, they are motorcycles where everything is renewed, the electronics of the bike is completely changed, providing it with a “new control unit”, the best on the market. This is connected by bluetooth to the cell phone and gives much more information than the original version.

We can say that these motorcycles from 2000 to 2004 become “new” motorcycles.

A new motorcycle.

Motorcycle electronics

Our know-how and what we have learned, thanks to our specialization. In our company we have a person who knows how to do this properly, with more than 25 years of experience in electronics/mechanics. Watching him working is amazing, dozens of wires hidden along the chassis so that, in addition, a more minimalist look can be achieved by hiding all this electronics.

We can say that this process, besides being artistic, is technical. It is not only to leave things aesthetic, it is to provide them with the corresponding functionality. Our motorcycles are not only aesthetic but also functional, full of complex details to make that heart (engine) beat properly.


Brain performance

The brain that we put in our motorcycles has the ability to connect to your cell phone and give a huge list of information. We are going to list the most relevant ones, if you want a complete list you can click here.


Turn your smartphone into the ignition key. The alarm system will automatically activate as soon as you get off the bike.

Ride Assist

The acoustic assistance system provides real-time information, such as vehicle warnings or turn signals, to your headphones.


Switch your smartphone to horizontal format in order to activate your dashboard – customized from 26 different widgets.


Since each and every tour will be automatically recorded and filed, you’re always up to date about the status quo of your bike.


Function check of all electrical components – including an overall power consumption in real-time.


The vehicle history – including tours, maintenance activities and alarm events – is securely saved in your logbook.

GPS Tourlog

Record your trips via a simple button press.

Last trip

All highlights at a glance: top speed, curve progression, fun factor and more.


Retain an overview of upcoming maintenance to-do’s.

From 2004 to 2015.

Injection and technology

In the case of fuel injected bikes, the electronics are more complicated, this is one of the reasons why we always prefer carburetion. We have changed the control unit on many fuel injected bikes, it is a more complex job.

Since 2016.

The latest

The newest engines we work with are those from 2016 to now, even the 2023 models. These bikes already have technology that is not worth touching: traction control, various riding modes, connectivity with social networks, LCD screens with information of all kinds, etc.

Tamarit brain.

The components

The growing ambition makes us think about making our own brain for Tamarit motorcycles, we would love in the future to be able to talk about making our own electrical system for our bikes: mobile application, routes for the bikes and a lifestyle beyond the information of the bike.

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