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Eventually, when we propose a quoute to a client and we begin with the initial ideas, the client very often has a different point of view of how does he wants thing to be done, and ours another one based on experience. As every job that goes, there are things that are immovable and other things that you could have more freedom. It’s true that when we begin a project, if the client comes with the idea in mind of a white motorcycle, the chances of giving them a sketche of a blue bike are very low, but as always, one man’s hell is another man’s heaven.

Carlota is a kind of project that can’t be done very often due time and workload reasons, we just don’t have enough time to stop all the things going on to think about about a personal project for ourselves.

Carlota is a Bonneville T120 we bought and we’ve worked on it for a few monts. It’s a bike project that we were really up to it: a shiny motorcycle with a brass coat on the engine covers.


Bonneville T120 Café Racer

When we make a Bonneville T120 CafeRacer concept we see that on the market are only black or grey motorcycles. We didn’t want to make another project like Yunque, we wanted to do something more related to what we really are, clear and shiny colours with a Gentleman flavour on it.

That’s why the ivory white concept, with a brass and leather touches. The result of our bike is somehow steady, but cool on its own style. I have to admit that this bike for me is one of my favourites, because the best is what do you enjoy the most and doing this project we’ve had a really good time.

Maybe some of you who have the car or the motorcycle of your dreams already knows about the feeling I’m talking, to enter the office and find this beauty in the middle of the showroom and making you say how beautiful it is.




In other ocasions we’ve talked about becoming the best Triumph exclusive builders, that we believe in a single brand product. We have 3 ways of selling a project. First one, the client brings his Triumph and the project may begin. The second, a client without a bike tasks Tamarit Motorcycle both the buy and the makeover of the motorcycle. The third one is when the client purchases an already finished project, just as Carlota. 




Carlota is a Bonneville T120 CafeRacer on sale.

If you want more info, send us an email with no obligation. 

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