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Today in the Tamarit Motorcycles blog, we put in perspective two heavyweights of the modern classics bikes. We are talking about the Triumph Bonneville T120, the top-in-the-range of the mythical Bonneville motorcycle series of the Hinckley brand, and the Yamaha XSR900, which is part of the Modern Classics that Yamaha has been producing for a few years, with a model halfway between naked and custom bikes.

When we talk about a Bonneville from Triumph, we are referring to a motorcycle with a soul, which leaves us with splendid sensations. In the case of Yamaha, although with less baggage in the field of Modern Classics, it also goes very fine on the road and has a sporty behavior with which it is very easy to have fun, without losing the look that reminds of classic motorcycles. This is why the question about buying over and over is recurring for many bikers.


General characteristics

Both motorcycles, produced in 2016, need the A license to be ridden, and are ruled by the EURO4 regulations. The tank capacity of the Bonneville T120 is 14.5 liters, while the Yamaha XSR900 can hold 14 liters, a very similar figure.





With regard to the engine, the Yamaha XSR900 offers 847cc with a declared maximum capacity of 115cv, while the Bonneville T120, although offering 1200cc, stays at 80cv. However, the Bonnie’s torque goes up to 105Nm through the 87Nm of the Yamaha. It should also be noted that the weight of the Bonneville is significantly higher, 224 kg, 36 kg more than the XSR9000.






Both motorcycles are fitted with ABS for brake assistance and arrangements for different driving modes that adapt to a city and a road. In the Yamaha XSR900 we find the STD for general use, the B for city, the A if you are looking for power and the DTC. For its part, the Triumph Bonneville bike T120 offers Road and Rain modes.



#51 BIZARRA, a Triumph Bonneville T120 modified by Tamarit Motorcycles ?



The price of the Yamaha XSR900 starts at 10,299 euros, while the Bonneville T120 has a slightly higher price of 12,900 euros. As always, we talk about the basic setups, as both have a large number of Triumph accessories and also for Yamaha, so they can be customized to suit each one. Being very popular motorcycles, the market for second-hand motorcycles is also nurtured, especially indicated if you want to start a transformation. It is already up to the consumer to make one or another decision.

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