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Undoubtedly, the United States is the market we have entered most strongly. For us it is like our second home and we have made a big bet to continue growing in the country. We already have several Tamarit motorcycles in the U.S. and after gaining this experience, we can now tell how our motorcycles are shipped to the United States. In this article we tell everything we have learned and what is the current operation when sending a motorcycle to those lands.

45 Appalachia

The first bike in the U.S.

Appalachia was the first bike that came into our facilities and was then shipped to the United States. In this case, the client already had the bike, so it was a US-registered bike that came to us as a repair and then was shipped by boat. Everything went smoothly and we had no problems at all. It is a bike that we remember very fondly.

72 Libertas

The adventure continued

Tras nuestro primer éxito, estábamos deseando repetir y la oportunidad llegó con Libertas. En esta mAfter our first success, we were eager to repeat and the opportunity came with Libertas. An incredible job was done on this bike, chroming almost the entire bike and installing the latest technology. Unlike the first one, this time it was a Scrambler 900 registered in Spain and then shipped to the United States. Once again, it entered the country without any problems.

78 Thin Blue Line

New regulations

It wouldn’t be long before we had to send the next bike to the United States, but Thin Blue Line was shipped at the same time that the regulations were changing. This is when the complications began, as we had to adapt to a new regulation that we did not know and with the bike already finished.

Once ready, the bike was shipped and was when it was held at customs due to the change in regulations. The new rules indicated that a European motorcycle less than 30 years old could not be brought into the country. This regulation started at the end of 2021 and applied to all vehicles coming from Europe.

Thanks to Thin Blue Line, we learned the need to buy the bikes in the United States and register them in the state where they are going to circulate, so we worked with an American bike. The solution with this motorcycle was to buy a new one registered in the USA, make the modifications and transfer the parts from the previous motorcycle to this new one. Thus began the current operating mode of shipments to the United States.

Our second home

LLC in Miami

Once we learned the new way of shipping, we realized that we had to get even further into this country. With San Jorge and Veneno in full construction process, it was time to open an LLC located in Miami. We started to buy and sell motorcycles in the USA with our own American bank account, through which 5 motorcycles have already been invoiced: 95 San Jorge, 110 Gullwing R, 111 Montecarlo, 118 The Jets and 131 Thunderbird I.

Currently, the LLC buys an American motorcycle, whose property title becomes the property of Tamarit Motorcycles LLC.

This makes an export subsidy to the holding company Tamarit 2015 SL and returns it to the LLC as a temporary importation. Within a maximum of 6 months, the bike returns to the country and the property title is signed in the United States before the bike leaves Spain.

In short, the client pays for the bike and we return it to their front door with American documentation. What we do is that the LLC makes the export to the holding company so that Tamarit assumes the taxes and surcharges, so the client does not have to pay export and import taxes.


Sea-air transportation

If we go to the technical part of the process, for transportation we work with a dealership in Miami that receives our product. The costs of sea and air transport are very different, due to the volumetric weight that makes shipment by ship cheaper. There are small containers, large containers and groupage (in which shipments from different companies are combined). Due to the high demand, groupage is not a good option and a large container for a single motorcycle is absurd.

With these disadvantages and to avoid the volumetric costs of air transport, in the shipment of Veneno to the United States what we did was to disassemble it in order to send it in different boxes by plane and then assembled in Miami.

Value proposition

Warranty and support

After our experience, we have realized that these processes were a complicated and expensive process for those looking to purchase a motorcycle from us from the United States. Therefore, in addition to processing everything through our LLC, we offer up to 2 years warranty and the support of our trusted dealership.

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