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In Spain, you can plan motorcycle routes for all tastes, from more touristic routes to discover the most popular monuments and cities like motorcycle routes in Madrid, which we recommend. You can also explore the Mediterranean coast to enjoy gastronomy, such as motorcycle routes in Cádiz, and the pleasant climate, or even long journeys that allow you to get away from the noise and connect with nature. 


This time we focus on Toledo, capital of historic Castilla-La Mancha. The city’s geography can be clearly divided into plains and mountains. The temperature is ideal for most of the year, but there are frequent frosts in winter, a fact that motorcyclists should consider to pay even more attention to the road.

Next, we present 3 different motorcycle routes in Toledo to inspire you and start planning your next trip through the imperial city:


Motorcycle Routes in Toledo

1. Motorcycle Routes in Toledo: The Quijote Route

This list would not be complete without mentioning this route. To celebrate the fourth centenary of the publication of the famous book, the “Ruta de Don Quijote” was created, with two of its sections starting in Toledo.


The complete route is an impressive 2,500 km, but if you only want to travel the Toledo part, you will encounter incredible places full of culture and history to remember this story and discover the city.

2. Motorcycle Routes in Toledo: The Lonely Route

This route is for those motorcyclists who want to disconnect from daily monotony and travel a few kilometers in peace. The first stretch of this route is the busiest, from the capital to Talavera de la Reina, a large city located between two mountains perfect for motorcycle touring.

The following stretches Campillo de la Jara and Puerto de San Vicente, Cargantilla and Sevilleja de la Jara, the Aljibe mountain range and its large reservoir, already offer long and solitary routes.

3. Motorcycle Routes in Toledo: Route of the Castles

Contrary to the previous route, this proposal aims to visit as many monuments as possible. With so much history, it is possible to visit a castle in each village, memories of the times of the reconquest. It is precisely this attraction that can make it one of the best motorcycle routes in Spain.


The most popular and visited ones are:

  • Alcázar de Toledo: This is the highest point in Toledo, from where you can see the entire city without any problem.


  • Guadamur Castle: Located 15 km from the city, this majestic castle was declared a Cultural Heritage Site about 50 years ago.


  • La Muela Castle: Located in the municipality of Consuegra, this castle is 67 km from the city. It is one of the best-preserved and next to it are the iconic La Mancha Windmills.