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Most of the people that follow us on social media eventually ask us if we can sell them a second hand motorcycle. The question always goes like : “Do you selll second hand Triumph Thruxton?” or “any good shape Second Hand Thurxton on sale?. Honestly, we do not sell second hand motorcycles, despite it’s true that we only work with motorcycle from the british brand Triumph, we’re not an official dealer nor nothing to do with the Triumph Brand. We can restore your old Triumph Motorcycle into something brand new, we can look for the motorcycle at the second hand market for you, or we can directly sell an already finished project by ys.


Used or Second hand Thruxton

The second hand Triumph Thruxton that we buy are motorcycles to be completely modified. We have 3 possible options of business we use to make :

First one, buy second hand Triumph Thruxton and sell to the client the motorcycle already transformed. Second option, when the client already has a second hand Triumph Thruxton and gives it to us in order to proceed with the modification works.

Third and less common is when Tamarit Motorcycle creates a project from scratch with no client on sight and this project goes on sale for every one who is interested.

It’s true that when we talk about second hand Triumph Thruxton, we talk as well about second hand Triumph Bonneville and second hand Triumph Scrambler.


How much for a second hand Thruxton


When we began on this collective, a brand-new Thruxton was around 12.000 €. Nowadays, 8 or 9 years after, due the market being completely frenzied and the little devaluation these kind of motorcycles use to have, they’re being sold around 8.500€, a tiny depreciation for a vehicle.

Something to take into account to buy a second hand Triumph Thruxton.


Obviously it depends on the purpose the bike is going to be used for. If many of you are going to leave it as it is, you should take care about things like the paint condition… etc. For us, it depends on the makeover to make, but we hardly ever pay atention to this since the motorcycle is going to be completely transformed and restored, from the engine to the paintwork.

I’m positive that those who have a motorcycle like Triumph Thruxton are people who gives a good use to the motorcycle and take cares of the vehicle. Normally, the most repeated client pattern for a Tamarit Project is a person who have acquired a bargain, or those who have ridden the Thruxton for a huge load of miles and needs a good makeover for his loyal and reliable partner.

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