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Here’s some of the new shipment of pictures that our clients gladly sent us. Our client’s are basically the fuel of everything that puts Tamarit Motorcycles in motion so, here’s a little peak of how happy our clients are with our items installed on their Triumphs. 

In our website we always look for our visitors to participate. You may find a way to contact us at basically every corner of our website, but if you have already put your trust on us and purchased some parts for your Triumph, we have specific sections for you and the rest of the clients called “Upload your bike” that we are about to talk about.

This webpage is not easily accesible inside the site but it would be perhaps our favourite link, since on this site, a Tamarit Motorcycle client can act as a user and upload his motorcycle with our parts equipped, our clothes, all together on a beautiful landscape or surroundings…etc

This blog entry is dedicated for a pictures selection we make with the rest of the team to upload it at the blog. Maybe you don’t have the best camera on the market or your background wouldn’t be the Caribbean but hey, we’re sincerely excited about watching everyone’s bikes. Lots of people would think that their bikes are not a “full makeover” or “this is not the result expected”… let us tell you this : What does it mean to transform a motorcycle? For us, you’re transforming a Triumph motorcycle even by putting a sticker, there’s no need of dismantling down the whole engine. We do not want to exclude anybody because an small transformation.

For us, as a company, one of the things we value the most (despite it would sound as a catchy phrase) is the smile of our client when is satisfied with the results of the part purchased equipped on his beloved motorcycle. Maybe the excitement would be bigger if it’s a full project what we’re talking about, but the smile is the same.

As an appetiser, we may confess that a lot of people tie us that much to the english motorcycle brand that when we organise any event or route, they wrongly think that we systematically exclude everyone not riding a Triumph. That’s why, sooner rather than later, the site will release a new section for everyone that wishes to upload his bike, Triumph or not.

As always, if you have any doubts or comments about anything related to our works, let us know.

imagen_6_0000_Borja San Martin

Borja San Martín 

imagen_6_0018_Paul Harris

Paul Harris


imagen_6_0009_Fran Negueruela

imagen_6_0008_Fran Negueruela (1)

Fran Negueruela 

imagen_6_0011_Bryan Worthington

Brian Worthington


imagen_6_0001_Steve de Decker

Steve de Decker

imagen_6_0005_Randy Tovar

Randy Tovar

imagen_6_0004_Randy Tovar (1)

Randy Tovar

imagen_6_0006_Randy Tovar (4)

Randy Tovar

imagen_6_0016_Oscar Temprano

Oscar Temprano

imagen_6_0013_Manning (1)

Steve Manning

imagen_6_0002_Steve de Decker (2)

Steve de Decker

imagen_6_0017_Oscar Temprano (1)

Oscar Temprano


Steve Manning

imagen_6_0007_Randy Tovar (3)

 Randy Tovar

imagen_6_0003_Steve de Decker (3) 

Steve de Decker

imagen_6_0019_Laurence Vantilckle