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Triumph Thruxton RS 2020: The most powerful one


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The quintessential British brand of modern classic styles does it again with the new Triumph Thruxton RS 2020. The retro family grows and does so with the evolution of the café racer concept towards a more sporty and powerful side.

This new version is based on the Thruxton and Thruxton R but in turn acquires exclusive components of the Triumph Thruxton TFC that improve their sporting ability. And it is that in this new version, the brand has not wanted an aesthetic issue but we are facing the Thruxton with better performance of the neoclassical range.


Thruxton RS 2020 improvements

If the Thruxton family is already known for its reliability and retro aesthetics, the new Thruxton RS 2020 takes the design of the original café racer much further with new features. The engine of the new Thruxton is transform in this new version with the review of its 1200 cc twin-cylinder engine that now yields 8 hp more than the previous version, providing a great riding experience with 105 hp maximum power. In addition, the maximum torque of 112 Nm is reached at 700 rpm less than in the Thruxton 1200 R. This improvement has been achieved thanks to higher compression pistons and a cylinder head with new cams, nozzles and secondary air intake system.


Thruxton 2020


One of its main improvements is the increase and smoothing of power delivery for a more agile throttle response. We are faced with a much more lively new engine that has reduced inertia by 20%, so it climbs more strongly for longer. This increase in power has been achieved with a shorter crankshaft and a magnesium rocker cover with less thickness. These latest modifications have made it possible to reduce the weight of the motorcycle by 6 kg, achieving a better riding sensation.

Another of the improvements that are included in the new RS model are the technologies applied to the riding of the motorcycle, such as the assisted clutch that offers greater comfort on long journeys - as it optimizes the force applied by the pilot on the handle and the improved modes of driving "Road" and "Rain". It also stands out the addition of the new mode "Sport". As for the sound of the motorcycle, a new exhaust system has been included, with two mufflers in the form of an inverted megaphone that is capable of offering that characteristic sound of the two-cylinder racing engines. In addition, this new exhaust system now complies with the new Euro5 regulations.


New aesthetics of the Triumph Thruxton RS 2020

Every Thruxton motorcycle worth its salt must have a careful aesthetic. The RS version is the biggest evolution of the brand but still maintains the spirit of the original Café Racer motorcycles. In this case, we are looking to a motorcycle with darker colors.

The factory model comes with a single-seater structure and a bullet-shaped seat topped with a cowl to match the rest of the aesthetics of the motorcycle. The new model is presented with two possible color seats: Jet Black and the Matt Storm Gray / Matt Silver Ice bitone.


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