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Triumph Street Scrambler builds


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Scrambler style motorcycle builds are characterized by representing that more off-road part of the two-wheeled, while maintaining the elegant essence of the British brand Triumph. These motorbikes are known by their cosmopolitan use and their slender but robust appearance, making them perfect for riding any type of road.

The Street Scrambler makeovers offer the infinite chance of customizing the motorcycle with the aim of getting as close as possible to the emblematic reference of the 60s. It is a combination of the greatest virtues of a road motorcycle with those of an off-road motorcycle.


Features of Street Scrambler makeovers

The Triumph Street Scrambler has been designed to allow maximum freedom of customization by combining the Scrambler concept and the most modern custom style. All this complemented with elements that improve the performance to enhance the good driving experience. The latest improvement of the new generation of motorcycles offers more power in its 900 cc engine and has updated some elements such as the magnesium cam cover, a less heavy crankshaft and a refinement of the side covers.




This engine review has meant 10% more maximum power and 7,500 rpm. In addition, three new driving modes (Road, Rain and Off-Road) have also been added. The Road and Rain modes are set for greater control of the motorcycle under any circumstances, while the Off-Road mode deactivates the ABS and traction control. Despite the inclusion of all this new technology, the Scrambler silhouette is unmistakable and has been modified to bring even more personality to Street Scrambler builds.


Himalaya: a Street Scrambler Tamarit build

The Scrambler motorcycles of the Triumph Modern Classics range differ from the rest of the members because they are the ones that best adapt to the off-road character. They have an aesthetic with a very marked personality that does not make them lose versatility but allows the rider to transform it to their liking into a unique piece.




In Tamarit Motorcycles we create Triumph motorcycle projects on demand from our customers, fully customized to adapt to the classic styles of the 50s. In the case of the Himalaya project, its owner sought to get a high Triumph Street Scrambler for sale with leaks above and easy to drive. One of the first steps was to get a seat that hugged the tank from the front but was narrow in the back, an essential requirement for the project. As there were no serial parts for that type of anchor points at the time, we had to make them all up to measure so that the set of elements could work well. A fact that we take advantage of to maximize the customization of the parts.

Current bikes require easy installation and adaptation to the standards that make it possible to approve the parts that make up the final set of Street Scrambler makeovers. An example of this are significant parts such as the belly pan or the custom side cover to suit the client.


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