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Thruxton Kit

A Triumph modification kit allows to acquire all at once a set of parts that modify greatly the looks of your stock motorcycle. These sets include a certain amount of parts that have certain cohesión between, since they're elements that go with a style guideline. Tamarit Motorcycles deals with many styles that can be adapted to the client tastes and needs, therefore the client can choose to follow a certain style, or customise the bike according to his own script and create a new style moving our from every guide predetermined.

The Triumph Thruxton has been a motorcycle that since its re-release back in 2001 always has served as the perfect donor bike for our parts and projects. Because that the frame is the same one as the Bonneville 800, almost every part initially developed for the Thruxton are valid for the Bonneville as well, so the Bonneville owners could give to their motorcycles a personal touch with the Tamarit Motorcycles parts.

Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer Kit

The style that obviously bonds the most with a Triumph Thruxton is the classic Café Racer. Despite Tamarit Motorcycles is always open to new proposals and points of view that could be rare or uncommon, every client who owns a Thruxton and hired Tamarit Motorcycles opted for a Café Racer style and its stylish features. A Café Racer Kit for Thruxton always has to include a racing cowl as the Jarama, the first part ever designed by Tamarit, which influence reaches the present because of the similar features also appearing on more recent items like the Jerez cowl (for the Bonnevilles and Street Twin) or the Mónaco ( designed for the Thruxton 1200 ).

Along the Jarama seat, other parts that could be included insde a Thruxton Café Racer Kit are the oval side cover ( which could be customized ) , The Son belly pan, the headlight grill "One" and the twin exhausts installed on the low part of the motorcycle: The Boludos.

Thruxton R Cafe Racer Kit

Triumph went two steps beyond on the modern classic collective back in 2016, when the Thruxton 1200 R was released , the modern classic most powerful and sport motorcycle ever made up to date. Only a couple of months after, Tamarit designed a set of parts for this new batch of motorcycles, being the most flashy parts again the ones to be set on the rear part. The previously mentioned Mónaco and its clear Café Racer influence, along with the twin exhausts "Apolo", that are the ones to replace on this generation the ones appearing on the air-cooled motorcycles, the "Boludos".

Our Dakota side covers are a great adition as well in order to give ti your bike a more sports touch if possible. From our parts made of stainless steel we would like to mention the Chaincover on its new design, and the sump guard for Thruxton 1200R. Nevertheless, our favourite part for the downside of the Triumph Thruxton 1200 R is the Tamarit Belly Pan, made of top quality fiberglass and with the available option of painting this part like your Triumph stock colour. All things said, you only have to open the Tamarit Box and with only a few wrench turns you can transform your motorcycle.


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