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Sombra photoshoot

One of the things enjoyed the most by the Tamarit Team, apart from the long awaited motorcycle’s introduction ceremony in our Showroom, are the necessary photo shootings when the projects are finished. This time we would like to highlight the photoshoot of our project number 25 on our garage, the motorcycle nicknamed as Sombra.

This project was very special for us because it was the first Thruxton 1200R to enter in Tamarit Motorcycles workshop, and the team was dying for working with another type of bike, after a plethora of Bonnevilles, Scramblers and former generation Thruxtons. It was a project that we truly loved, specially the paint job, where we combined the shiny black with our sand down technique, the one that leaves the steel look on the fuel tank, same look as the Mónaco cowl, which was modified for the occasion, applying some steel plates on it in order to extend that finish to the rear as well.


For Sombra, taking into account all these singularities, more than a static regular photo shoot, we wanted to make some videos in order to increase our media content portfolio on our website. So be it, during a fresh spring morning, we met at the industrial area from Alicante known as “El Realengo” in order to goof around freely, recording some scenes of the bike riding, with the cameraman filming from the trunk wide open… just for saying some of the crazy stuff we made in order to get the best shots for the motorcycle.


Not quite related with the previous attitude from that morning, we chose as a second set the Council Police Station of Elche, where the marble structures and glass balustrade helped to get wonderful snapshots as well.




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