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The Modern Classics range of the British brand Triumph has a wide variety of models that evoke an era, characterized by its own style and very marked by different features. Within this family of modern classics motorcycles, the Street Scrambler has earned a worldwide reputation for its versatility and reliability.

There are as many types of riders as there are types of people in the world. There are those who use motorcycles as a method to get from home to work, and other owners use them only for leisure on weekends occasionally. However, many of our clients get on their motorcycles for more than just riding around town and on the motorways. This sector seeks the adrenaline of less conventional terrain and for this there is nothing better than buying a second-hand Triumph Street Scrambler. We speak of second hand because on many occasions, the people who come to us cannot afford to pay their high price, plus the extra cost of customizing them later – so going to the second-hand market to buy one of these modern classic jewels is always a good choice. 

Buy second hand Triumph Street Scrambler

Designed for less favorable terrain, the versatility of its off-road style grants it access to all types of dirt and road terrain. The Street Scrambler has been provided with more power, with a 900 cc twin-cylinder Bonneville engine and with very complete technological equipment. Scramblers were created for this modality called “scrambling”, giving rise to its own style, which is characterized by its high escapes, wide handlebars, flat seats and a timeless silhouette. Despite having a more rustic appearance, this model stands out for its smooth and balanced ride.



#48 HIMALAYA, a Triumph Street Scrambler built by Tamarit Motorcycles ?


At Tamarit Motorcycles we are not dedicated to buying and selling second-hand Triumph motorcycles, but we do take care of this procedure for our clients, in case they do not have their own motorcycle for the exclusive projects we carry out. On other occasions, we have had a client who leaves us the motorcycle just after having bought it fresh from the dealer. However, we always think that the best option for both us and our clients’ budget is a second-hand Triumph Street Scrambler, much more grateful to restore and modify. In addition, our projects are delivered fully functional and with a previous check and build of the engine, so that our clients only have to get on their new motorcycle and enjoy.

The price of a new Scrambler motorcycle is around 10,000 euros, although in the second-hand market you can get it for like 7,000 euros. Finding the right price for a second-hand Scrambler is essential, since it will greatly influence the total cost of the project, and the savings from this operation can be used to include other parts or components that can improve the overall appearance or functionality.

Which second-hand Triumph Street Scrambler to choose?

The use that will be given to the motorcycle is the first point that you must take into account. In some cases, the state of the paint can be very important if you are not going to make any changes. For us this is not essential, since our projects are custom designed to completely change the paint and appearance of the bike.

The advantage of this Triumph Street Scrambler custom model over others is, as we have already said, its great comfort due to the height of the seat, and a handlebar that allows you to maintain a comfortable posture.

If the motorcycle includes some electronics, you should check them carefully, as they are usually the weakest point of any type of motorcycle – Elements that you must change or repair after purchase to avoid any scare, all depending on the kilometers and time of the bike. For the rest, these bikes are usually preserved almost as a collector’s item, so the owners are usually attentive with the corresponding reviews, and the bikes are in perfect condition to continue riding many more kilometers with them.