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You do not always have the opportunity to enjoy a new motorcycle home either because prices are higher or because it is our first motorcycle, and do not want to spend too much yet. Buying a motorcycle in the second hand market is a good option to start venturing into the world of two wheels. Once inside, many motor enthusiasts also have this option when they want to make a transformation on a motorcycle since the motorcycle stays as new when making the modifications, a fact that accentuates the market of particular second hand triumph motorcycles.

Once at this point, it is easy to get to the question: shop or private? There are big differences between buying a motorcycle from a dealer or professional and making the transaction with a private individual. We must be clear about some key points before buying our Triumph bikes and see which option can save us more time, money and problems.


Buy second-hand motorcycles in stores

In the case of stores or professionals you will get more guarantees and benefits since they are legally more identified and have responsibilities to customers. Despite this, when you decide on one of them, you should check the solvency of the store and the opinions that other users who have already carried out operations with them have, although keep in mind that we are more likely to leave a bad review that a good experience. As for the guarantees, unlike the particular second hand motorcycles, in this section you will win if you decide to buy your motorcycle in a store since the law obliges the merchants to give a one-year warranty.




To make the name change of the motorcycle, it can also be easier to make the purchase through a professional since they are more accustomed to perform these operations and have the documents more at hand. In addition, there are times when the transfer is included in the final price of the purchase so it will be the store that assumes any responsibility in case of any inconvenience. And if we refer to inconveniences, one of the ones that we can find when making the purchase in a second-hand motorcycle store, is the fact that prices are usually closed and on rare occasions they will let you negotiate the price of the Triumph motorcycle.


Buy private second-hand motorcycles

On the other hand, we have the option to make the purchase of the motorcycle from a private individual, as a Thruxton bike for example, but there are some factors that must be taken into account before deciding on this mode. Many people consider making the purchase in this way because, since there are no intermediaries, there is a belief that it is cheaper. The latter may not be true since some owners value their bikes at a very high amount, so it is advisable to look at estimated prices and choose the one that is at an average price.




Since there is no intermediary, there is no one who can assure us that things are being done correctly or that the information provided to us is truthful, so it is very difficult for the sale of particular second-hand motorcycles to occur written warranties, although you can hire a mechanical insurance that covers these possible failures during a certain time after purchase. Payment of this additional insurance must be negotiated between the parties.

Normally there are no problems, but the preparation of the documentation can be more complicated. This is because none of the parties are accustomed to doing this procedure, and the lack of knowledge can lead to a failure or simply lengthen the transaction time. Something that you should also take into consideration is that all the data coincide with those of the person who is selling you the motorcycle, or if the ITV has passed – and in the case of not, verify the reason.

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