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Many of those who are reading this entry love to customise your own bike in your garage or at the workshop, trouble comes when you depend of so many websites or people when it comes to make a full makeover : The upholsterer, the blacksmith, the fiberglass guy, the painter, the mechanic, the engineer… etc . A 100% success while purchasing parts is also related to being positive about the style you want to infuse to the bike, I mean, most of the time is crucial to be well guided before painting, cutting… everything that would lead us to a dead end.

Because all of this, we’ve been working for a long time on how to face our client’s requests and the Tamarit Motorcycles team we’ve decided to open up a new section in our website, something like customising your parts with us. And why we say parts instead of bike? Because we help you to choose a set of parts, we’ll make a photoshop edit and we’ll propose you a design according to your desires. This feature has nothing to do with doing a full project, the aim of this iniciative is to send you a set of custom parts ready to be installed at home with sense.

Until now we’ve sold thousands of parts worldwide and about a 55% of our clients come back for more parts for their bikes. During this contact, lots of them ask about how could be the fuel tank painted, or if there’s a possibility that we could make a design for them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t profitable for us to maka a project only up to 50%, but now, with a full and more seasoned team at the office we’ve deployed a new service at our website called “Custom Painted” in order to design together, TMRT and Clients the look of your parts set. We’re not talking about 100% finished projects , we talk about parts painting and counceling.
Now it comes the important part: 

Let’s say that with a more restrained budget than the one to face a full project, we help you to give your bike a makeover, before even buying the parts set.


First steps of the Custom Painted

Let’s say that you’ve scrolled through our website enough and you’ve seen the amount of options and possibilites that you have for your Triumph Model but, you’re still not positive about what to buy or giving that look you’ve seen at some of our creations. You are probably sure about riding a Café Racer, but you don’t want a single seat motorocycle. I think that’s a question asked for hundreds of times so far. 

How we proceed? 

First thing is to contact with us through the form meant for it, there’s a link right here.
Once we’ve contacted, an expert of out team will call you and you will talk about what we need to start. We’ll ask you about your age, the motorcycle purpose, your favourite colours, your initial idea, that doesn’t resembles the final product as it happens very often.
The sketch of your parts set is given to you for free, but in order to ensure that we’re not making works for nothing, in order to start this custom painted work we ask for a 250€ deposit that later would be discounted from the total amount of the parts.  (This total amount needs to be at least of 1500€ worth of parts from our catalogue) . We just don’t draw a sketch only to see how the chaincover would look on your Triumph bike. 

In brief, this the initial phase: an estimate of a set of parts and 250€ in advance to get everything started. 

Second phase (a.k.a. the funny one)

During the second phase, our design and concept team will begin to make sketches of how would it look that set of parts installed on your bike. Those sketches would be sent to your email accompained by several calls as well until we hit the bullseye with a unique design for your Triumph Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler, Street Twin or other Modern Classic Model.

Once those designs are approved by the client, we’ll send to your house a courier that will pick up your fuel tank in order to paint it the same way as the other parts according to the design arranged with our designers.
During this part we’ll ask for the 40% in order to get everything in motion. 

Third phase ( the beautiful one )

At the third phase, your counting down the 25 days to get your custom made and painted parts. After this countdown, we’ll send you a box with all the parts and the fuel tank so you can install everything and provide your bike with the style we’ve created together.
Maybe if you’re from Spain is easier that you bring the whole bike to us, but this project option is aimed more likely to all those clients who live in Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy and has a more zipped budget and doesn’t want to get lost searching among dozens of websites for  the best parts, a good painter… etc


And to conclude,

I think that every human being gets fascinated for use something for the first time, so if you’ve come this far and have a Modern Classic Triumph, you sure want to apply a new look and style to it through a mini-project with us.
Our idea is that over the months we’d be able to have a new section at the website with all the mini-projects that we make. Are you in?
As always, if you have any doubt about the process or you are interested but you’re not fully sure about some steps you can write to us, call us or send us an smoke signal. We keep working like crazy to improve everyday! 


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