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One of the elements that have always unmistakably characterized a Cafe Racer modification is its seat. Wanting to emulate the racing motorcycles of the time, the youth of the United Kingdom who with their modifications gave rise to the now famous movement wanted to incorporate this type of stylized cafe racer (or saddle) seats in their motorcycles. Being a genuine style brand, this type of saddles has survived to our days, in fact we’re seeing a second rebirth at the beginning of the new century, driven above all by the new edition of neo-classic motorcycles from a certain British house whose name needs no mention since how well known around here is.


Cafe Racer motorcycle seat

The cafe racer motorcycle seat is usually a handcrafted piece, very colorful and stylish that undoubtedly transports us to other times for its aesthetics and appearance. Usually what it does is emulate the same shape of the teardrop tank, and gives the motorcycle a much more harmonious and sophisticated line than the usual and bland seat that the house provides you when you buy the motorcycle right away. 



Two-seater cafe racer seat

Although the vast majority of Cafe Racer seats are for the rider only, Tamarit Motorcycles understood that not only solitary men (or women!) are the clientele of this trendy cafe racer style and such peculiar specifications, with which we decided to get together with our single-seat cafe racer seat, a version for two people. The intention with this two-seater cafe racer seat is that while it would not lose one iota of its classic style and essence, it could be a little more practical for everyday and the everyday use of the motorcycle in question.




Upholstered Café Racer Seat

The cafe racer motorcycle seat is obviously upholstered in the most classic and elegant material you can find.

However, fleeing from the synthetic is not always the best of ideas since, natural leather, despite being much more stylish and distinguished, is a fabric not very well indicated for direct rubbing and contact with diverse meteorology. (like the one we enjoy in Spain), and in the end this fabric would finally lose its properties and end up cracking (unless we have a good garage and a kit of leather goods and other necessities).

An ideal cafe racer seat upholstery is one that, while maintaining the appearance and aesthetics of the leather, has the properties and durability of the synthetic element, being highly resistant to rubbing, water-repellent and fire-resistant Tamarit upholstery.

In our website we have some cafe racer seats that may be of your interest: one of them the Monaco seat, designed for the Thruxton Cafe Racer and of course the Jerez seat, thought for the Bonneville Cafe Racer.