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The famous race of the Isle of Man (known as Isle Of Man TT) dates from nothing more and nothing less than the early twentieth century, specifically 1907, which was the year where the first race in history was held in such a famous but dangerous route.




Motorcycles Cafe Racer Isle of Man

The Triumph Cafe Racer culture, which exploded there in the 50s, inevitably collided with the route of the Isle of Man, already converted at that time into a great event of British motorcycling. The Cafe Racer Isle of Man motorcycles, modified and prepared to travel distances in a short time at full speed, saw their screen share very well deserved in these races at that time, until the modern sports motorcycles arrived several decades later.

Not only Triumph is the great brand present in these races as far as classic motorcycle is concerned. In the congregations of the time and especially in the thematic meetings of today that meet around the place, you can also see a good number of manufacturers of the time such as BMW, Moto Guzzi or Norton.


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