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Brat Cafe Racer

Looking for a project with a mix of Brat Style and Cafe Racer style is a real challenge, as they are two styles that promise totally different performances and designs. However, by combining the typical everyday comfort of the Brat Style with the neoclassical British design of the Cafe Racer, a new, totally original and unique Brat Cafe Racer style is born. 


Cafe-style details: Brat Cafe Racer

A Brat Cafe Racer is typically a bike that has most of the Cafe-style details, such as low clip-on or clubman bars and rear sets, but has a flat “Brat Style” seat instead of the “bum stop” solo seat with cowling. A Brat Style seat is typically easier for Tamarit to make, and the seat pan may consist of anything from hammered sheet metal to skateboards to aftermarket, pre-upholstered pans.


The term “Brat Style” itself comes from the eponymous Japanese workshop of legendary builder Go Takamine. However, in the context of “Cafe Brat” or “Brat Cafe Racer” builds, the term typically refers only to the flat, bench-style seat.


Brat Cafe Racer: Tamarit makes it happen

If you are passionate about different details of different styles, Tamarit Motorcycles creates new concepts and merges ideas of any style adapted to your tastes and preferences, as it happens with Brat Cafe Racer. No matter what they are, you put the idea, we advise you on which options are the best and give it shape. We do love challenges.


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