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Classic motorcycles are undoubtedly the top in terms of customization and authenticity. They fit perfectly to different styles and this adaptability is due in large part to the Triumph accessories available in our catalog. From our experience in exclusive transformations of classic motorcycles, we know that the choice of parts in the makeover of the motorcycle is really important. Including the parts of the new generations of modern classics motorcycles, for example, those that are part of the accessories for Triumph Street Scrambler.



#48 HIMALAYA, a Tamarit Motorcycles Street Scrambler with custom fairing ?


Each motorcycle model has different needs when it comes to customizing them. It is essential that the new parts have the correct anchors, to be able to plug them into the motorcycle. In the case of new models from the British brand’s modern classic range, such as the Street Scrambler, it can sometimes be a little more difficult to find exclusive parts that fit these motorcycles.


Specs of Triumph Street Scrambler accessories

Since Tamarit Motorcycles was created, we have always been obsessed with manufacturing exclusive parts that will make the most of the Triumph aesthetics, but at the same time fulfill their functionality. And so it has been with all the models from the British brand’s modern classics range.


Triumph Scrambler accessories

ZARD exhaust for Triumph Street Scrambler in a Tamarit Motorcycles project ?


That is why in our parts catalog you will find a complete variety of Street Scrambler parts, where you can choose the ones that best suit the idea you have in mind. With Street Scrambler accessories you can make the bike a little more yours.


Bikes for Triumph Street Scrambler parts

The new Street Scramblers are bikes with a more refined off-road style, which greatly differentiates them from the rest of their classmates. But this marked aesthetic has not taken away that versatility that scrambler-style motorcycles boast so much about. Their versatility makes them a good option for a unique and fully custom build.



Rear fender elimination kit for Street Scrambler, project of Tamarit Motorcycles ?


This new scrambler version follows the line, although more radicalized, of the popular street twin. Also noteworthy are all the improvements that this model includes in relation to the performance of the motorcycle on surfaces far from the asphalt.

The silhouette of the motorcycle has been renewed, which is reminiscent of the character of the emblematic Bonneville, but with a more precise ride and the versatility of the scramblers. This combination makes it a very entertaining motorcycle to ride. Despite the fact that it is a very complete motorcycle, the accessories will only improve its performance. With the accessories we will not only be able to accentuate its off-road style but we can even adapt it to make it more compatible with urban use, without losing the aesthetics of more aggressive lines that make it a true off-road vehicle.


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